Vellore Travel Guide

Vellore is a city located on the banks of the Palar River in the north-eastern part of Tamil Nadu. The city is famous for its numerous monuments and temples and is an educational hub as well. Vellore fort is the most prominent monument in the city. The British held Tipu Sultan and Vikrama Rajasinha, the last king of Sri Lanka, as royal prisoners here. The first rebellion against the British rule started in this fort in 1806 resulting in the massacre of the Vijayanagara royal family.

Sri Jalakandeshwar temple, Srilakshmi Golden temple and the Wallajapet Dhanvantri temple are among the major temples in Vellore. The city houses more than 50 mosques and the Big Mosque houses the largest Arabic college in the world. Vellore is home to few of the best educational institutes like Christian Medical College and Hospital and VIT University. The city is also a popular medical tourist destination.

Most popular places to visit in Vellore