Marari beach is a beach in the Aleppey district of Kerala. It is famous for its seaside village that offers a rich variety of food and the culture of the coastal area. The beach has a distinct vibe that lays out the traditional fishing styles, simplicity and elegant charm of the locals. The resorts present in the area provides a great experience with close interactions with the locals. The fishermen sell their catch of the day in an auction every evening and this is a different experience to witness.

The Mararikulam Mahadevar temple is one of the oldest temples, with its origin dating back to centuries old. This is the only temple where Mahadeva and Parvathi Devi sit facing each other as in swayambhoo.

Marari beach is one of the world’s top five beach with hammocks, making it a top destination for people who love such settings. The moderate climate throughout the year with two monsoon seasons makes it suitable to travel any time during the year.

Most popular places to visit in Marari Beach