Goa Travel Guide

Goa, most often considered to be the party destination of India and a place for youngsters, has a lot more to offer. Goa is a blend of beaches, seafood, spices, spirituality, nightlife and amazing local culture. The city has a Portuguese touch in most of the things it offers, be it the lifestyle, food or culture.

There are beautiful treks through jungles that lead you to less explored beaches and waterfalls. The beautiful streets with colourful buildings, historical churches and other buildings makes it great for walks or rides. It lets you understand the true colours of Goa away from the party. The best thing about Goa is that it caters to the needs of all kinds of travellers. It suits the trekkers, party enthusiasts, and laid back travellers looking for luxurious stays and people who love history and architecture. A variety of adventure sports like surfing, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, etc. are on offer in Goa. This adds another dimension to the city of Goa.

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